Rob Monteith

Machine Shop Master

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a Postgraduate degree Renewable Energy Engineering from Loughborough University with a specialization in Ocean Energy.

Dr. Michael Black

Computer Sciece Professor

Dr. Black earned his doctorate in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2007. His research focus is microprocessor design that he uses as he develops software for teaching computer hardware and operating systems to undergraduate students. His hobbies include collecting and restoring vintage computers and electronics as well as writing computer emulators and Android games. He also raises Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Kevin Monteith

Supervisor and Website Master

Undergraduate Student double majoring in Computer Science and Math. I have been using CAD for over 9 years and have over 5 years of experience with 3d printing and other maker technologies. I also run a robotics team in my spare time.

Joe Matta


Joe Matta is a graduate student at BSU pursuing a masters degree in computer science. He has a widely varied background and experience. After earning a BS in chemistry in 2013 from BSU, he worked in sales for several years and then opened an Upholstery business, which is still operating today. He hopes to work in video game development after graduating.

Andrew DeFino

Supervisor and Secondary Website Master

I went to a SSVT, South Shore Vocation Technical High School, and took Computer Information Technology as my Vocation. I mostly toy around with programming and anything else I find Interesting. Other than that, I just read lots of Wikipedia.

Keith Phelan


I have been doing CAD since sophomore year of high school, I love 3D printing stuff, especially stuff I've made. I'm getting a degree in management information systems. My favorite color is blue.